Conditions générales de vente

Modalités d' acquisition

As soon as our little kittens are 2 months old, you can come and choose one and reserve it (by appointment).

BUT it will not be available for sale until it is 3 months old. No premature departure will be accepted.

When you take possession of your kitten, you will be given:

a health record.
a sales contract for our LES BLEUS DE VENDEE cattery with a reminder of the care to be provided in the first year
a Royal Canin sales contract with its commercial advantages
a tip sheet for the well-being of your kitten
a certificate of good health from our veterinarian
a kitten kit including a kitten care guide, a small bag of dry kibble and 1 other of Kitten Royal wet kibbles as well as a bowl.
His transport cage (we will have accustomed him to his cage before)
Before leaving, the microchip will be tested to confirm your kitten.

Since 2019 vaccination protocols have changed; Consequently, our kittens leave first vaccinated (against herpesvirus, calcivirosis, typhus and chlamydophilosis). But will no longer be vaccinated against leukosis before their departure (we recommend this vaccination around 10 months of the kitten). the reminder (2nd injection is the responsibility of the purchaser.

You wish to obtain other screening tests of your kitten or of the breeding animals (for example DNA confirmation from the parents), this is possible but this expense will be at your expense.

As soon as your kitten is welcomed into its new home, you are invited to make an appointment with your veterinarian to

- do the vaccination booster

- confirm the good health of your animal.



A breeder does not or very rarely make a profit by selling his kittens ... even at the indicated price. It is generally the opposite, our passion is often a money pit and the sale of kittens hardly allows to reimburse all the expenses of the cattery.

As you have noticed, for several years we have made numerous investments in the cattery.

In addition, we regularly screen our animals at specialized establishments such as the Nantes veterinary clinic and our Belleville sur Vie veterinary practice.

The price also includes
• identification by chip (registration at Icad),
• the first vaccination (the second being at your expense if the kitten is withdrawn after 3 months),
• LOOF registration and dispatch of the pedigree.

Our kittens are from 1100 € for the company.

Our prices do not include the various screening tests that you may request.

For reproduction, our prices approach 1700 € (see conditions with the breeder)

Modalités de paiement

Nous acceptons les paiements par chèque, mais nous préférons le premier paiement par CB.

(possibilité de payer votre accompte par CB à distance)

Le chat reste notre propriété jusqu' au paiement complet du chaton.

A l 'issu du paiement, nous effectuerons le changement de propriétaire et vous recevrez la carte I-CAD à votre nom.

Attention : Il ne peut y avoir qu' un seul propriétaire pour un animal de compagnie.

Vices rédhibitoires

The law of June 22, 1989 defines the four diseases considered in cats as crippling defects. These are serious, contagious and fatal diseases. This law aims to protect the purchaser of kittens against these diseases.

The Rural Code defines the following diseases as fatal defects in cats:

Feline leukopenia (or typhus or panleukopenia)
The period of action in inhibition is 30 days if a certificate of suspicion is issued by a veterinarian within 5 days after receipt of the animal.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)
The period of suspicion is 21 days after receipt of the kitten.

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infection
The period of suspicion is 15 days after receipt of the kitten.

Infestation with the feline immunosuppression virus (FIV)
No period of suspicion has been defined for this disease

If a purchased kitten presents, within the legal deadlines set by law, signs of one of these diseases, the buyer can take legal action in order to obtain full reimbursement of the kitten, against its return.

Legal action must be taken as quickly as possible to the district court of the animal's place of residence. The judge then appoints an expert who will re-examine the case and draw up a report. The case will then be judged if no amicable agreement is possible. If the kitten dies, the seller is only liable if the buyer has lodged a complaint within the legal time limits, and if he can prove that the death of the kitten is indeed due to one of the diseases covered by the law. .

For all these diseases, inhibition action is only possible if a certificate of suspicion has been issued by a veterinarian. This must be done within the time limits defined for each disease by decree in the Council of State, and if the redhibition action is carried out one month after receipt of the kitten. These legal deadlines make it possible to be certain that the cat was indeed contaminated during the sale and that it was not contaminated at the buyer's premises, in which case the seller no longer has any responsibility in the case (it is is the principle of anteriority of the disease to the sale). This is why they must imperatively be respected, otherwise the request is null and void.

Médiation en cas de litige

En cas de litige avec notre chatterie, vous pouvez faire appel à un médiateur de la consommation. 

La société Médiavet est notre référent pour tout litige. Voici les coordonnées :

MEDIAVET 7, rue Saint Jean - 31130  BALMA 

et le site internet pour toute information :