Terms of sale

Methods of acquisition

As soon as our little kittens 2 months, you can come to pick the book (by appointment).

BUT it will be available for sale as its 3 months of age.

When you take possession of your kitten, you will be given:
• a contract for the sale of our cattery the BRUISES of VENDÉE

• Royal Canin sales contract with its commercial advantages

• a care Council for the welfare of your kitten

• a certificate of good health from our vet (we recommend also a roadworthy by your veterinarian, a sign of the good health of our kittens).

• a kitten kit including a kitten care guide, a small bag of dry kibble and 1 other wet Kitten Royal croquettes and a bowl).

its transport cage •. (We have used him to his cage with a spray of anti-stress)

Before his departure the chip will be tested to confirm your kitten.


A breeder does not or very rarely profit by selling her kittens... even at the prices. It is usually the opposite, our passion is often a money pit and selling kittens barely allows to reimburse all costs of the cattery.

You may have noticed, for several years we have made many investments in the cattery.

In addition, we conduct regular screenings of our animals with specialized institutions such as the Veterinary Clinic of Nantes and our veterinary practice in Belleville on life.

The price also includes
• l ' identification chip (registration to the CDI).
• the first vaccination (the second being your responsibility in the event of the withdrawal of the kitten after 3 months).
• l ' inscription on the LOOF and the sending of the pedigree.

Our kittens are from €950



We accept payment by check, but we prefer the first payment by credit card.

(option to pay your deposit by credit card remote)

The cat remains our property until full payment of the kitten.

L ' from the payment, we will make the change of ownership and you will receive the card, ICADS in your name.

Caution: There may be only one owner for a pet.