Our facilities

1. Outdoors:

A whole space is dedicated to our cats (30 m2):

The males have 3 enclosures, each with a comfortable and heated shelter.

Females have also benefited from indoor outdoor space since 2018.

Our enclosures have composite blade floors and PVC paddocks for easy cleaning.

They are all sheltered from the wind and rain.

Below our latest photos April 2020

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1. Interiors:

In each pen, the males are housed in PVC sheds. They have all the comforts: cat trees, games, semi-automatic litter, dining areas.

The female and nursery space has the same advantages but it is located in our house. It also has automatic litter.

New April 2020: Our new nursery space (Marquise with her two kittens)

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  • Intérieur 2020