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Cattery of the sacred mystery

Des Lapins LiliToon's

Je vous invite aussi à découvrir une amie qui depuis 11 ans se passionne pour les Lapins.
Livraison possible dans toute la France. 

Retrouvez tous les lapins beliers, angora, oreilles droites et autres sur http://leslapinslilitoons.wix.com ou sur facebook Euphely des lapins lili toons. 

Autres passions

For your dances (other birthdays weddings) mobile Disco. (light and sound event) contact us.
Another of my passions: the Magie.Je invites you to discover my one-man Show.
Trean's Magic is an hour and a quarter to show for the pleasures of children and adults (3 artists on stage and a turnkey show including projectors and sound system setting)
For your trees of Christmas, Kings patties, sales events, dances, weddings and other...

For all your trips more than 9 people please contact me. possible transport by myself.